Agave Handcrafted Kitchen by Guillermo J. Gómez

This restaurant, on a rooftop overlooking the Gallery District, offers artisanal farm-to-table cuisine with sustainable sourced ingredients. The Chef takes care of every detail to highlight the essence of this land.

AGAVE is cuisine without borders, where dishes such as the octopus prepared with a Basque technique, served with Mexican beans, and seasoned with tandoori masala, speak of the international proposal of the Chef.

Guillermo J. Gómez, an Argentinean brave traveler and passionate cook, was called—as many of his colleagues —by this land full of opportunities.

He brought with him the fire culture of his mother’s food, the Italian culinary techniques, and the passionate background of the Spanish cuisine, which he blended with the Mexican cuisine .

He describes his proposal as one filled with spontaneity, which is simple and conceivable, defined by the taste memories that subtly emerge with each bite.

AGAVE is also a tasting room and boutique where you will find the best Mexican spirits in the heart of 23400 District. They have  different types of tequila, they also offer the finest handcrafted spirits of Mexico: Mezcal from Oaxaca, Charanda from Michoacán, Sotol from Chihuahua, and the authentic Bacanora from Sonora.


Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Chef Guillermo J. Gomez

Chef Guillermo J. Gómez is an award-winning culinary professional with more than 20 years of experience in world-class restaurants and resorts. Originally from Argentina and an avid traveler, Chef Guillermo's cuisine reflects his international experience in Spain, France, Italy,...