Casa Don Rodrigo

At Casa Don Rodrigo you can find the authentic roots of Los Cabos culinary movement.

A homey, warm, embracing ambient.

You will be captivated by the details of this house that was built in 1920.

Don Rodrigo Aragon, the founder, was one of the pioneers of the region, here they offer fabulous, aged cheeses paired with the best national wine, tequila, or artisan mezcal.

Each dish on the menu is a display of an intimate connection with cheese. It´s a match made in heaven.

One of its best dishes is the “fetuccini especial”, served on a piece of homemade Parmesan cheese.

As soon as the Baja sunset surprises us, the best thing to do is to join the bohemian atmosphere of Cantina29, a space inside the same restaurant. Once there, try the selection of mezcal and tequila they have and enjoy yourself.

Meet the owners