Chamuyo San José 

An authentic "Asado Argentino” is a ritual , a gathering to celebrate friendship. It is a  ceremony filled with stories and camaraderie in which the guests of honor are fire and beef.

In “Chamuyo” this tradition is kept alive. Here you will sense the inviting  smell of La Pampa—land of gauchos—in the very 23400 District.

Every morning, Marcelo Romby comes to “Chamuyo” where he devotes himself to lightning the fire which is more than just a flame. It is his homeland, Argentina.

When he was young, Marcelo learned about spaces by studying architecture, but life had a completely different path for him. Then he moved to Mexico and found in the kitchen an  opportunity to express his identity.

The idea of starting a restaurant was born from an “asado” with some friends.

Guests know that  “Parrilladas” are full of magic, flavor, and fire  ,where ribs are prepared on a low heat to remind you  that good things come for those who wait.“Bife de chorizo”, “ojo de bife”, and “tapa de asado” also emerge from the fire, like the phoenix, in all their perfection, waiting on the plate for the sacred bite to come.

Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Marcelo Romby