Latin America has its gastronomic embassy in the 23400 District,  it is called “Choriarte”.

This is a place where different cultures entangle, where the free spirit of the Argentinean Pampa rides free, the cacao dances lively, and the cheerful tropical regions invite you to grab a bite.

These fires represent life,  they are a living sanctuary for  Latino race.

Cooking became part of Gonzalo’s universe thanks to his first job in a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina (when he was still a student). Since then, he became passionate about flavors and smells.

He finished his studies as a sommelier in the “Escuela Argentina de Vinos” and, as if he was destined to something different , he was offered a job in Mexico. He didn’t think twice, and he travelled all the way to San José del Cabo.

He was instantly captivated by this town and, together with his partner, Sabrina Reynoso, got a venue that they filled with art, and prepared  a menu that embraces Latin America´s richness.

This menu includes the classical Argentinean empanada, “choripán porteño”, both served with chimichurri —representing Argentina, or the “arepa reina”, a famous delicacy dish from beautiful Venezuela.

To satisfy your sweet tooth you can have the “Volcán de chocolate”, prepared with Mexican cacao.

Meet the owner
Meet the owner

Gonzalo Amoedo