Don Sánchez Restaurant 

Every dish served here is a contemporary culinary piece of art, giving a unique experience.

From the jicama sashimi to the pork barbecue, everything pleases the senses!

Chef Edgar Roman has created a splendid opportunity to experience the gourmet side of Los Cabos in 23400 District. He offers fresh local products, which he uses to create an amalgam of interesting, deep, and delicious flavours.

The bar of this restaurant is a great option because of their avant-garde mixology proposal, making of this restaurant and ideal venue to eat, drink, and celebrate.

A variety of drinks, made from mezcal, tequila, and other liquors will surely make you feel in high spirits

Chef Edgar Roman knows his kismet in the gastronomic world was sealed by his grandmother’s love for cooking. His learning process (and love) began as a kid. He learned from excellent chefs, such as Antoine Wolenmilck and Bernard Brunele. Today, he is not only the lead cook at “Don Sanchez”, but also a researcher and promoter of the traditional Baja cuisine.

Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Edgar Román