Jazmin´s Restaurant

Mexican history and tradition come together in “Jazmin´s  Restaurant”.

Where “moles” and roasted chiles make the heart of 23400 District sing , and casseroles filled with traditional stews, such as: cochinita pibil, refried beans, and stuffed chiles fascinate both national and foreign diners.

Originally from San José del Cabo, chef Adalberto Marrón grew up in this land admiring the ocean, and he was called by the cooking world since he was young.

He was so eager for knowledge that he started to work under top chef Tadd Chapman, who helped him to excel  in his techniques and unveil his creative side.

His professionalism is what made  him lead “Jazmin´s Restaurante”, the second oldest restaurant in San José del Cabo, where his mission is to take its kitchen to the next level.

The tasty dishes in this restaurant are splendid  , here they  offer a menu filled with seafood delicacies where the garlic lobster, the Totoaba fillet, and the grilled octopus are kings of this realm .

Here, you can also enjoy live music to enhance your sensory experience in San José del Cabo.

Meet the chef