La lupita taco & mezcal SJD

The taco is origin and future. It knows no borders and “La Lupita Taco & Mezcal”, in 23400 District, is its temple.

A kitchen that honors diners with real tortillas, handmade as the sacred law of the “comal” demands.

This restaurant has an exquisite menu of tacos, the best are: chicken in “pipián” mole, shrimp with turmeric and curry tempura, duck in mole, or the lovely “costra de pastor”.

The owner, David Camhi is passionate about street tacos from Mexico City. He comes from a cooking family, so he knows what life is like among ingredients, the kitchen steam, and tables.

The boom in Los Cabos convinced him of abandoning Mexico City and beginning a new chapter in the peninsula.

After a while of working in the hotel industry, he started to feel the need to open his own business. When Odile storm hit in 2014, he was forced to open his eyes and, together with his partner, Christian Fuentes, they finally felt motivated to make their dream come true: A temple of taco and mezcal, two elements that dance better together.

Everything blends together perfectly, the food, the drinks, the aromas, the magic of Los Cabos, the vibe of the place creating a feel-good atmosphere  leading to the art expressed in this restaurant that offers 26 different kinds of tacos.

“La Lupita” is a patio  with a prime location in the heart of downtown San José´s del Cabo Art District where locals and visitors who want a perfect taco or a mezcal come together and enjoy music with the band that comes alive as soon as the sun sets.

Meet the owners