La Revolución comedor de Baja California

Five geniuses of the restaurant industry are part of “La Revolución Comedor” in Baja California Sur:

Guillermo Jauregui, Bruno Calderón, Christopher Sánchez, Benito Molina, and Osvaldo Vázquez.

A variety of worlds united by an idea, by a cause: to maximize the gastronomic experience.

Located in a historic building at the very core of San José del Cabo, they created a revolutionary menu where every ingredient (of organic and sustainable origin) was carefully selected from local producers.

The cocktail bar has creativity and elegance taken to the next level with only premium products.

The best option to start this delightful experience is “La Revolución”. Have a drink with mezcal, chile poblano liqueur, sesame oil, citruses juice, and frosted with green seed powder.

Guillermo Jauregui, Chilango by birth and Choyero at heart, travelled around the world but couldn’t find a better place to stay than Baja California Sur.

He is the one who gave birth to 23400 District by celebrating music events and creating a night life, which up to then was inexistent.

Along with his partners, Bruno Calderón and Christopher Sánchez, Guillermo created “La Revolución” where chef Benito Molina designed a contemporary Mexican menu, and Osvaldo Vázquez created the cocktails. Their goal was a proposal capable of breaking paradigms in the new gastronomic world of San José del Cabo.

Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Chef Benito Molina