Los Tres Gallos San Jose

This is a place where the chile sings “rancheras” while the mole tells a love story.

Where dishes are cooked with love, because love is the secret ingredient for seasoning all foods.

“Los Tres Gallos” is the guardian of Mexican cuisine, an authentic and cheerful restaurant in the 23400 District where the best of our culture can be found.

Michel Zermeño from Mexico City  knows no better cooking than the one of his “santa madre”, Reyna Cornejo.

Huauzontles, mixiote, and mole almendrado have a special place in his taste memory. Not only did he nourish himself from these stews, but he also learned from them the importance of family. He recognizes the gastronomic tradition of his Hidalguense origins, and the vast culture offered by his country.

He worked in the hotel industry and, as a concierge, he served passionately in these peninsular lands. Together with his wife, Fabiola Sánchez  they opened their own kitchen and left it in the hands of Reyna Cornejo, the best cook they know.

The highest quality and excellent service reflect Michel and Fabiola’s deep roots .

 They offer visitors the cultural inheritance of Mexican cuisine every day, through the traditional dishes such as: mutton “mixiote” wrapped in a maguey leaf, and the authentic “mole con pollo”, and “tuétanos al carbón”.

As a dessert, this  traditional kitchen offers a delicacy made with cacao tortilla stuffed with berries, with mint and caramelized pistachios on top that is a real Mexican party to the palate.

Meet the Owners