Mirai Restaurant 

When an experienced German cook, the Japanese cuisine ingredients, and techniques, combine with the warmth of Mexican land the result we get is awesome “Mirai Restaurant”

Its intimate and relaxed atmosphere, created by renown chef Volker Romeike, offers a captivating sensory experience, where the best of Mexican seafood and oriental cuisine fuse.

Before arriving to Baja California Sur, chef Volker Romeike began as a trainee cook in his home country, Germany. He owes a great deal of his professionalism and discipline to the German army, where he served as the manager of a kitchen exclusively for officers. Once he was done with this, he didn’t think twice and emigrated to America, searching for new landscapes, new scents and, especially, a new future.

It was the beauty of San José del Cabo that attracted Volker, and it was here where he began to write a new chapter in his personal and professional history.

His sushi bar—as the Japanese tradition commands— is made up of fine wooden furniture that allows foodies to witness the expertise with which the team put together the dishes of the menu.

“Avecichado” (prepared with avocado, cucumber, shrimp, octopus, fresh fish, cilantro, serrano chili, and the special Mirai sauce) will remind you why San José del Cabo is paradise.

Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Chefs Volker Romeike