Panazia San Jose by Paul Zamudio  

Panazia is the meeting point of two cultures: Mexican and Asian. It is the place where the ingredients of two different worlds come together to create something entirely new.

This restaurant offers a classy and relaxing space with an elegant fusion cuisine  prepared with fresh premium ingredients

From a young age, Paul discovered something peculiar of his palate; he could spot the flavors in each dish. He knew when cilantro was missing in a soup, or if it needed a pinch of salt. This gift was key in his life since it made him enroll in cooking.

His passion about food and life brought him to Baja California Sur, where he began his professional life. He settled in the peninsula and soon he was charmed by the vibe of San Jose del Cabo, which he made his home.

Panazia makes the most of the richness and freshness of the seafood prepared  with the influences of Oriental cuisine.

The “Tostada Doctor Z”—served with fresh seafood, and a special seaweed mayonnaise, toasted tortilla and habanero—is an explosion to the palate.

The sashimi with marinated jícama has its own faithful followers.

Panazia is s a mixture of textures, scents, and flavors that will remain in the memoirs of the ones who try them.

Meet the chef
Meet the chef

Chef Paul Zamudio