Head here when you’re done at the spa.


There are so many ways to unwind in Los Cabos, and plenty of them can be found off the massage table. Get what you need from the world-class spas around the destination, but make time for some of these experiences to help you relax and find peace.

Practice Yoga
For people of any level of experience, practicing yoga in Los Cabos can be an amazing way to both relax and experience the natural beauty around you. There are many stunning spots to practice, whether you’re being led by an instructor or going with your own flow. Head out with your mat and let the location work its magic.

Head Out on a Hike
Never underestimate the healing powers of nature. Head out into the wild for a taste of rest and relaxation away from the crowds of the cities. There are beautiful hikes all around Los Cabos that are perfect for refreshing your mind while you get some fresh air and a bit of exercise. You can always get a guide if you’d prefer to follow an expert.

Charter a Boat
Whether you secure a private boat or simply book one with a handful of friends or strangers, the time you spend out at sea is sure to put your mind at ease. Book a charter to feel at one with the waves and the sea breeze and to get yourself a new view of Los Cabos. Add a fishing pole if you’d like to add a fresh catch to your experience (and dinner plate).

Visit Art Galleries
The art galleries around Los Cabos are always a quiet respite from the bustle of a town or resort. San José del Cabo in particular has some of the best galleries in Los Cabos, but be sure to explore some of the smaller towns and villages, like Todos Santos, for their offerings.

No matter where you visit, there are experiences all around that will help you find serenity outside the spa. Just plan some space in your trip to step off the beaten path, and peace will find you in Los Cabos.