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San Ignacio - Early Booking special


Season Opener! Be ready to be whisked away on a beautiful scenic 1 hour 40 minute flight across Baja to a legendary lagoon on the Pacific coast that is spoken of in hushed whispers, where gray whales finish a 5000 mile migration from BC and Alaska to mate and calve. Hundreds of these gray whales are uniquely curious and interactive and seek out unbelievably close-up and intimate encounters with humans. The mamas will even push their calves against our “pangas” for a 30 minute interaction or longer. This is San Ignacio Lagoon, one of several mating and gray whale birthing lagoons in the world with the highest concentration of sociable whales and the only one still untouched by human development. When we strike camp in April, there will be no trace left that we were ever there. With 3 nights and 4 days and up to 9 whale encounters (90 minutes each), this amazing experience will give you lifetime memories.