Sabor a Cabo Rural 2020

  • Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23450|
  • Presented By: Los Cabos Tourism Board |
  • Dates: December 11, 2020 |
  • Location: Cabo San Lucas |
  • Price: Varies |


“It is a lively cultural event, with historical continuity and originality of products, techniques and procedures based on corn, chiles, and beans. México is one of eight domestication centers for cultivated plants in the world. It has been documented that about 600 different dishes are prepared mainly with corn in México.

  • The territory of Baja California Sur is described as a coastal territory. Seafood is a favorite ingredient in the preparation of different recipes.
  • Each region of the peninsula features regional dishes. In central rural areas, red meat dishes are emphasized because livestock is one of the main economic activities.
  • The vast ancestral wealth of Mexican gastronomy has boomed and gained interest in preserving the traditions generation after generation.

For more about Mexican cuisine, Flavors of the Rural Cape offers information on how to recognize, prepare and enjoy it.” mentioned Hostess Carmen Carbajal, founding partner of Sabor a Cabo and president of Sabor a Cabo Rural.