El Aguamala

  • Ignacio Zaragoza Esq. José ma. y Morelos/Alvaro Obregón #ext. 221, int., San José del Cabo, BCS 23400|


The taste of a seafood cart, typically Mexican, placed in a relaxed space with the highest standards of quality in product and service. That said, “El Aguamala” is a place to have good food in a relaxed atmosphere to have a good time. A place that will welcome you with its perfect menu to get rid of a hangover. Where the rule is—in the first place—to start with a good sip of mezcal or cold beer to raise the spirits. Once you are seated, order the shrimp aguachiles with pork rind —true miracle workers. The house ceviche or the seafood cocktails will not only rescue you from a hungover; they will also leave you set for the next battle.