Yumana Kitchen

  • Blvd. Plaza Mijares #10, Colonia Centro., San José del Cabo, BCS 23400|
  • Phone: (624) 157-8414 |


Yumana Kitchen is a path that brings together ingredients, stories, textures and cooking techniques. They honor the migrant steps not only of the Yumans, the first settlers of the Baja California peninsula, but also of the owners, who like many in San José del Cabo, traveled a long way until they found a place to light their fire here. Yumana Kitchen spaces, in cuttlefish and earthy colors, honor the geography of this land. Each plate, each cup was made by hand to highlight the personality of the piece. Its menu is nourished with selected ingredients from local producers: coastal fishermen, small farmers and ranchers from the mountains. All this imprints a local stamp in his passage through the stove; a seed of creation that, like flowers, opens on each plate awaiting the encounter with the palate and the marriage with the wines of Baja, where magic happens. Raul Monroy is what is known as a migrant cook. He was born in the Valle del Mezquital, a desert town in the state of Hidalgo, which soon became too small for him and, from a very young age, he headed for the United States. Thus begins a gastronomic learning route through various cities until reaching this land of Choi, where he establishes himself with his family and makes it his home. Today he is a sommelier by profession and a founding partner of Yumana Kitchen, a space that honors the desert, its history, and migrants from bygone times.