San José del Cabo Vacation

An ancient culture of agile runners and tireless walkers called the Pericues had lived in the Los Cabos region long before tourism started. They were gatherers, fishermen and hunters who lived under palm trees, surrounded by birds in the San Jose del Cabo estuary. It is known that they believed in a higher being called Niparaja.
In early 1530s, the first expeditions to explore this area were carried out by Hernan Cortés. Therefore, this small town holds adventurous stories since it also once was used as a pirate hideout.
Years later, San Jose del Cabo turned into a charming colonial town thanks to commercial ships which had to stop for water and supplies while they were traveling from Asia to trade porcelain, mercury, silks and other products.

Around 1730, the Mission of San Jose del Cabo ''Añuití'' along with a ''Plaza'' were founded on Zaragoza street, which you can still visit.
In 1984, the San Jose del Cabo airport was built, which caught the attention of different resort companies who were interested in opening the doors of progress to this oasis.
San Jose del Cabo's downtown main plaza with its warm architecture, has become an Art District where you can find art from all over the world, but mainly Mexican traditional art and local creations, which makes it a great place for shopping and dining. Its picturesque world-class marina which faces the Sea of Cortez and stunning gold-sand beaches, home of some famous surf spots and wildlife like marine birds, gray whales, and turtle hatchlings that go to the sea for the first time ever.

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