Natural Encounters in Baja

Winter season is the perfect reason for a getaway to Los Cabos. The destination is a popular hot spot for whale watching because the Sea of Cortez serves as the perfect breeding grounds for wildlife, such as humpback whales, during their mating season. From December to April, visitors get the chance to experience a unique and life-changing experience.

Below you will find our recommendations if nature experiences are a priority during your visit to the destination. You can choose your favorites to make your own personalized, once-in-a-lifetime itinerary.


Where to stay?

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few places you will definitely get to experience the natural beauty of the destination:

Where to eat?

Los Cabos is known to have some of the best farm-to-table options in Mexico, but is also simultaneously known for the freshness of its sea products.

Food in Los Cabos simply could not get fresher, as most ingredients are sourced locally and put straight on your table. Menus are seasonal and tend to focus on including what is grown that time of year.


Day 1

Get ready to encounter with magestic humpback whales 

Witness the awe-inspiring enormity and grace of giant Humpback Whales in their natural environment. Go on a whale watching tour in Los Cabos and get to experience these fantastic and amazing creatures. When it comes to whale watching, Cabo San Lucas is a worldwide hotspot. That’s because the waters surrounding Cabo are perfect for breeding and migration season for whales living in the Pacific Ocean.

Get to witness humpbacks as large as 40–50 feet long (12–16 meters) up close from our specialized, inflatable boats. In the following whale watching excursion, feel the rush of seeing humpback whales shoot out of the depths of the ocean and launch high into the air before returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash!

Duration: 2 hours approximately
Departure times: All morning
Tour company: Cabo Adventures, Cabo Expeditions


Day 2

Morning Experience
Electric Desert and Beach Bike Experience

Beach biking is an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors in any setting. Depending on the terrain, beach biking can also be quite physically taxing. In a region as beautiful as Los Cabos, working too hard on your standard mountain bike can divert your attention away from some truly amazing landscapes. With a specially designed electric motor, an e-bike could do all the work for you when the terrain gets tough! The Pacific dessert areas have never been easier to see and explore.

Finish your adventure at an exclusive location with an incredible ocean view, enjoying the most delicious Mexican buffet lunch, plus beer, mezcal and tequila tasting. Is there a better way to spend a day?

P.S. Watch out for camels, as you could encounter them on the beach.

Duration: 4 hours approximately
Departure times: All Day
Tour companies: Cabo Adventures

Afternoon Experince
Wildlife Reserve and Estuary in San José del Cabo 

While horseback riding, you will be able to enjoy a very relaxing trot by the estuary and beach. The Estuary or Estero San José del Cabo is very close to the Hotel Zone. This beautiful oasis gives life to this beautiful biological paradise and covers more than 40 kilometers, alongside the mountains of Baja California Sur before meeting at the edge of the Sea of Cortez. The wonderful mixture between sweet and salt water forms a special ecosystem and one brimming with unique wildlife.

Duration: 1 or 2 hours
Departure times: All Day (Sunset recommended)
Tour companies: Bonanza


Day 3

Pelagic Encounter, you never know what you will witness out there...

The Pelagic Safari is a full-day trip on the ocean. The day starts at 8am and usually end around 5-6pm, depending on daily weather conditions, distance, and sightings.

The adventure starts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, where the participants will head out on a brand new boat called “the “Mobula.” This 32ft Intrepid with two 250hp Yamaha engines, was built with safety in mind and equipped with high speed for a better chance at catching pelagic encounters.

Once the friendly sea animals have been spotted, the team will let you know if you are able to jump in the water to play with them!

HERE you’ll find a probability encounter chart so you can see what you might be able to witness depending on your vacation dates.

Duration: 8-9 hours
Departure times: 8:00 am
Tour companies: Pelagic Safari

Itinerary | Morning Experience
Itinerary | Morning Experience

Day 4

Morning Experience
Burro Safari Tour

Enjoy this unforgettable experience alongside spectacular oceanside cliffs, natural desert wildlife, and local flora and fauna from the Baja California Sur Peninsula. Take in breathtaking views while hiking along barely walked trails to the top of the mountain accompanied by a friendly Mexican Donkey.

Duration: 2 hours
Departure times: All Day
Tour companies: Carisuva

Afternoon Experience
Help the turtles get to the ocean safe

From August to December, Olive Ridley and Black Turtles come to shore to lay their eggs deep in the sand before returning back to sea. The baby turtles hatch about 45 days later. The goal is to raise the percentage of survival as much as possible. The tour is guided by a marine biologist making this a fun, educational learning experience and one where you get to take part in the release of these baby turtles back into nature! Before the release, you will also be able to enjoy a traditional Mexican meal.

Duration: 2 hours
Departure times: 6:00pm
Tour companies: Carisuva


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