A Wellness Retreat

Disconnect, recharge and connect in Los Cabos, a preferred wellness spot due to its ideal location, sunny climate throughout the year, rich seawater directly from the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, and internationally-renowned spas focused on providing premier service and tailor-made experiences for all travelers.

Here you will find all the top wellness and cultural focused things to do when visiting Los Cabos so you can choose your favorite to make your own personalized wellness itinerary. 

Where to Stay?

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few places to check out to turn stressed-out into blissed-out:

Where to eat?

Los Cabos has some of the best healthy food and farm-to-table options in Mexico.

Food in Los Cabos simply could not get fresher, as most ingredients are sourced locally and put straight on your table. Menus are seasonal and tend to focus on including what is grown at that time of year.

Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have many farm-to-table restaurants and cafés. Other restaurants also offer vegetarian and vegan meals on their menus so there are options for everyone!

Go out for brunch and enjoy a menu full of vegan gluten-free pancakes or a variety of salads that will help set you up for the day ahead.


Day 1

Set yourself apart from the crowd and recharge at Sol de Mayo waterfalls and Santa Rita hot springs

This stunning landscape is perhaps the best-kept secret in Los Cabos. Just an hour from the coast, this is a true oasis in the middle of the desert, full of fascinating plants and wildlife with views, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You will be traveling to Fox Canyon, on a scenic and informative walk while admiring the diverse landscape, with a range of rocks and terrains to explore. This is the quintessential hiking tour to discover the vibrant ecosystem that remains hidden away from the rest of the world!

You will be rewarded for your efforts on this uphill hike as there is a beautiful river along the way and fresh-water pools, natural water slides, and a larger pool nestled at the base of a waterfall. You really can’t get any more picturesque than this! Make sure to wear your bathing suit so that you can jump in for a swim. And, don’t worry, you will quickly dry off on the walk back to your car.

While swimming in the natural ponds, be prepared to get a free pedicure by many of the doctor fish that are on the area, as they will eat the dead skin off your feet to reveal smooth, callous-free skin and cleaner looking cuticles.

That’s not all…

Located 15 minutes away from Sol de Mayo waterfall, you will find Santa Rita Hot Springs with its pristine pools awaiting discovery by explorers and adventurers. Santa Rita is a natural treasure hidden in the rugged canyons of the Sierra de La Laguna.

Relax in one of the many natural pools that are perfect for purifying the mind and body.

Duration: 7 hours approximately
Departure times: 8-9:00AM
Tour company: High Tide Los Cabos


Day 2

Morning workout - Paddleboard by Land's End

With a guide leading the way, you’ll paddleboard from shore towards one of the most iconic natural attractions in the region. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas tour takes you to the beautiful stone structures over the sea so you can take photos and make memories together. You can also do some snorkeling in the area, with tropical fish and clear visibility to make these underwater views extremely enjoyable.

Duration: 4 hours approximately
Departure times: 9:00AM
Tour companies: High Tide Los Cabos, Cabo Outfitters, Cabo Sup

Afternoon Recommendation

If you’ve come to Los Cabos to relax and get away from it all, spending some time in a spa is the best way to go. There are so many places to choose from and most beach resorts have their own. The spas in Los Cabos also offer much better value than the ones you’ll find at home so why not spend the afternoon pampering yourself completely with massages, facials, herbal baths or rituals? Find more information HERE on the best spas and wellness centers in the destination.


Day 3

Floras Farms Experience

Embrace the soothing atmosphere of their flourishing, tranquil, organic farm.

The Farms Spa & Salon is nestled amongst papaya trees, herbs and flowers of the spa garden. The path to the Farms Spa will take you past rows of seasonal produce and flowers, where you can hear birds singing and where you might catch a glimpse of one of their farm dogs napping in the sun.

The Flora Farms Spa & Salon services include massages, herbal soaks, facials, spa manicures & pedicures, men's and women's hair services, and more!

As a part of all of their services, they also emphasize the healing and restorative properties of nature, using aromatherapy, plant-based products, and their own organic flowers and herbs.

Up next, be prepared for a once-on-a-lifetime cooking class experience and delicious lunch. You will get to prepare your meal with ingredients that come straight from the farm. The chef will teach you different and cool techniques on how to prepare traditional Mexican dishes.

After a fun cooking class, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Flora Field Kitchen.

P.S. Watch out for celebrities, you never know when you will be having your meal next to a Hollywood star celebrity like Pink or Maroon 5, as this is one of their favorite places to visit while in town.


Day 4

Temazcal day

A traditional pre-Hispanic sweat chamber. The word temazcal is a combination of two Nahuatl words meaning “house” and “heat” –  the word temazcalli roughly translates to “steam house.” Temazcal has been popular with indigenous cultures for hundreds of years in Mexico, especially the Mayans. Today, this ancient ritual has made a comeback as a spa treatment at many exclusive hotels.

The treatment is led by a shaman who will guide participants during the ritual. Guests sit inside the dome on a bench, on top of a towel, usually wearing a bathing suit. The ceremony begins with guided meditation. The temazcal is prepared with votive candles and a fragrance made with native medicinal herbs such as sage or comal and a comal incense.

Afternoon Experience


In partnership with Modu Seye and Moduvated Fitness, their latest fitness offering is a unique way to view the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

End your day full of energy and endorphins with one of the best spinning classes in the world accompanied by a beautiful sunset overlooking Land’s End.


  • Bring sunscreen! If you’re visiting Los Cabos, remember that Los Cabos has 350 days of sun, so you will definitely need to protect your skin from sunny skies.
  • Book all your services in advance - we highly recommend booking transportation services, tour and restaurant reservations in advance to guarantee your space.
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