Blue Flag Certification

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Twenty-five of Los Cabos’ incredible beaches have received the coveted Blue Flag certificate in acknowledgment of their safety, accessibility, and commitment to sustainability. The beaches of Los Cabos are rigorously patrolled and cleaned in an effort to protect endemic life both onshore and beneath the waves.

About Blue Flag:

A world-renowned award trusted by millions around the globe, the Blue Flag program is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Learn more here.

Green Globe Certification

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Green Globe certification is the gold standard in sustainable tourism initiatives, only awarded to properties with a consistent track record of ecological excellence and unwavering adherence to stringent environmental criteria. Los Cabos can proudly claim Green Globe certification for many of its properties, including the Hyatt Ziva, which was recently recognized for its support in a sea turtle tracking program. 


A few propierties in Los Cabos

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Los Cabos Tortuguero Network

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Consequently, the desire to protect endangered Hawksbill, Leatherback, Golfina, and Loggerhead sea turtles is shared by all tourism industry operators. With widespread industry support, the award-winning Los Cabos Tortuguero Network trains industry personnel to safeguard vital turtle spawning grounds that visitors may otherwise disturb. Guests staying at participating hotels may even have the chance to personally carry newborn turtles to the shore in what many have described as an incredibly profound and memorable experience.

Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

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Their mission is to protect, conserve and replenish the fragile marine ecosystems of Baja California Sur, Mexico. In addition to their Sea Turtle Population Recovery Program, they place special interest in Habitat Protection, Environmental Education, and Community Outreach in Todos Santos, Las Playitas, and Agua Blanca. 

One of their goals is to help restore the Critically Endangered Pacific Leatherback population, which is on the verge of extinction. Their Incubation Greenhouse stabilizes sand temperatures creating an ideal nest habitat where hatch rates are maximized, and gender ratios are balanced. 


Las Playitas A.C.

Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo

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Amigos para la Conservación de

Cabo Pulmo

Amigos Para La Conservación de Cabo Pulmo is a community organization created by tourism service providers, residents, housewives, students, and friends of Cabo Pulmo. Their mission is to promote the conservation of Cabo Pulmo National Park and the well-being of local communities.

Their programs and projects follow three lines of action: Conservation, community, and communication.

Ecología y Conservación de Ballenas, Ecology and Conservation of Whales (ECOBAC) is a Mexican non-profit organization devoted mainly to research, protection, and conservation of Mexico’s natural resources, especially the Humpback Whale in Banderas Bay.

Their Mission:

Contribute to the conservation of Mexico’s marine resources, particularly of the humpback whale and its habitat.

The non-profit organization CERCA is a scientific-environmental citizen center that is involved with different sectors of the community such as the academy, the private sector, the different levels of government, other civil organizations, and the general population. CERCA's vision is to achieve the transformation of energy sources in the state of Baja California Sur as well as all other polluting sources, and positively impact environmental quality and public health in our communities and cities. Learn more about CERCA  BCS and all their actions by clicking here

CERCA BCS Resources:

Documentary - Come closer to paradise 

Project - Sustainable Rural Communities 

Media Kit  & 2022 Annual Memory

Clean Up BCS

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Clean Up BCS is a vital environmental initiative focused on the beautification and preservation of various ecosystems within the Baja California Sur region. Through organized clean-up events, educational programs, and community engagement, Clean Up BCS aims to reduce pollution, enhance biodiversity, and foster a culture of sustainability. Volunteers, local businesses, and government entities collaborate to remove trash from beaches, cities, and streets, preventing harmful materials from entering the ocean and harming wildlife. This grassroots movement not only improves the environmental health of the region but also raises awareness about the importance of individual and collective action in tackling environmental challenges.

Fore more info:


Clean Up BCS