San Jose Fusion

A good cook knows that paying attention to the selection of the best ingredient is important when trying to get a unique result. Godd cooks have a distinctive style , they  are passionate about the sensory experience of a meal, they are devoted to food.

“San José del Cabo Fusión - The Taste Encounter” gathers the best local and international chefs in one place.

It is a space where  each of them can unveil their culinary personality and celebrate with others the multicultural gastronomy of this heavenly place called San José del Cabo where the house fills with aromas and color.

San José del Cabo, the host of this magical encounter, is a space where cooks are the orchestra conductors, the artists, the creators of sensations. And the diners are the ones chosen to enjoy the creations of these masters.

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

In the South of Baja California, the colorful peaceful town of San José del Cabo hides a tasty treasure.

Cooks from all over the world have been invited by this land of opportunities, where they are welcomed with open arms.

Each of them brings a part of their own culture and combine it with the traditions of this community to create new tastes and colors.

San José del Cabo is a space where cultures merge, where diversity is celebrated together with creativity, variety, and flavors.

The tradition of different flavors is kept alive in each of the restaurants that are foodie´.s darlings.

It is a place where projects such as 23400 District and Street Gourmet celebrate the hospitality of the Choyera community where kitchens are pleased to welcome locals and tourists.