Things To Bring

Touted for its seemingly endless sunny days, the dusty Baja Peninsula can bring searing heat during the summer months, meaning visitors on vacation need to know what to pack for safety and comfort. Items to add to the packing list include a wide array of sunscreens, aloe for sunburns, waterproof shoes, flip-flops, essential medication, and even a light jacket for winter months when temperatures can drop into the 60s. Make a travel checklist for your trip and ensure you have packed everything you need.


It’s summer in Los Cabos all year round! Having 350 days a year of clear skies, you just can’t miss. Choose any date and come enjoy the sunny vacation you’ve been waiting for. Learn More

Getting Here

Los Cabos is on the southern most tip of the 1,000 mile long Baja Peninsula, west of mainland Mexico and just below Southern California. The Sea of Cortez borders Los Cabos on the east and The Pacific Ocean, to the west. Los Cabos is approximately 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers)... Learn More