Los Cabos Weather

Los Cabos attracts sun worshippers with its sun-kissed shores, culture mavens to its museums and historical sites, and adrenaline-seekers with year-round adventures on sea and land. Boasting 300 days of sunshine annually, this gem of Baja California Sur is a dynamic vacation destination no matter the time of year or the climate. Explore Los Cabos by season and find the perfect time to visit:

Winter's Gentle Embrace 

While much of the world buckles down for a white winter, Los Cabos shines as a haven of mild warmth. Visitors in December through February are greeted by pleasantly cool days, with temperatures hovering around a comfortable 75°F. It's during these months that the majestic gray whales make their annual appearance, offering an unforgettable spectacle for nature enthusiasts. Golf aficionados will find the weather perfect for teeing off on world-class courses, while hikers can explore rugged canyons under clear, crisp skies.

Spring's Warm Welcome 

As spring unfolds, Los Cabos transforms into a beach lover's paradise. March and April usher in warmer temperatures, with the mercury rising to the low 80s. The calm, crystal-clear waters become irresistible, inviting travelers to indulge in snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The Easter season brings a vibrant energy to the region, with local festivities adding a cultural dimension to sun-soaked getaways.

Summer's Sizzling Allure 

Los Cabos sizzles in summertime, with temperatures climbing to the upper 80s by May and June. Summer in Los Cabos is a time of warmth and wonder. Los Cabos' sparkling azure resort pools are an oasis in the heat, offering swim-up bars and poolside service. The season is prime time for anglers, with sport fishing reaching its peak, and divers are treated to exceptional visibility, unveiling the underwater marvels of the Sea of Cortes. 

As summer reaches its zenith from July to September, Los Cabos reveals its wilder side. Temperatures soar to 90°F, bringing with them the excitement of world-class surfing conditions. It's a time when budget-conscious travelers can experience luxury for less, though visitors should be prepared for the occasional dramatic thunderstorm that paints the sky.

Fall's Festive Spirit 

Autumn brings a refreshing change to Los Cabos. October and November see temperatures ease back to the low 80s, creating the perfect backdrop for the region's famous festivals and fishing tournaments. Evenings become an invitation to savor the local cuisine at outdoor restaurants, where the balmy air mingles with the aromas of freshly caught seafood.

A Timeless Destination 

Regardless of the season, Los Cabos stands ready to enchant and entertain. Iconic landscapes, from the famous Arch to pristine beaches and fertile farms, remain a constant draw. World-class golf courses challenge players year-round, while the nightlife pulses with an energy that knows no season.

Savvy travelers know to pack for their Los Cabos adventure with versatility in mind. Lightweight, breathable clothing is a must, as are comfortable walking shoes for exploring. A light sweater for evening strolls, swimwear for impromptu dips, and sun protection essentials should find their way into every suitcase.

In Los Cabos, every month offers a unique perspective on paradise. Whether seeking winter whale watching, spring beach days, summer surfing, or fall festivities, visitors will find that this captivating destination lives up to its reputation as a year-round oasis of beauty and excitement.

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