Los Cabos Meeting Venues

Next time your organization is looking for the ultimate meeting venues to host a conference, look no further than Los Cabos, a region boasting its vaunted facilities lining the Tourist Corridor that follow the most complete, strict and robust health and guidelines and certifications worldwide. Meetings facilities include over 45 hotels and more than 11,000 rooms, meeting destinations are centered around prime locations to entertain within steps of the Cabo San Lucas nightlife and waterfront dining along the beach. Select locations of hotels and resorts are tailormade to your specifications and comply with the most robust internationals health and security certifications including Sharecare, Intertek Crystal and Safe Travels.


Villages like Migriño, Candelaria, Todos Santos and Pescadero on the Pacific side, can be found less than an hour away from Los Cabos. It is possible to enjoy trekking and ATV’s tours where you can admire a real oasis in the desert in Candelaria, all year round. In...

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