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Cabo Pulmo, is a perfect example of eco-tourism at its finest. The region is ideal for those seeking for the quieter, more natural side of Los Cabos.

A leading purveyor of environmental protection and sustainability, Los Cabos defines the new age of ecotourism. Impressively, 42% of the Baja California Sur territory exists as a protected natural area. Conservation-minded trips and tours are abundant in the area, most notably through the sea turtle initiative. Each year, sea turtles including Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, and Loggerhead species nest on the same beaches that tourists enjoy.

A select number of hotels in Los Cabos have special preservation programs to protect the fragile turtle eggs and make sure that once hatched, the baby turtles make it safely out to sea to thrive and survive. Guests of these hotels are often welcomed to help lead the newly hatched turtles to shore and fend off would-be predators.

Los Cabos also features a total of 25 Blue Flag beaches, a special certification given to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Visitors looking to travel to the area and partake in conservation initiatives are welcomed in a friendly fashion.

Those looking to get away into the countryside can hike, mountain bike or backpack through the Sierra de La Laguna Mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where there’s a very good shot at coming face to face with roadrunners, native foxes, and even deer.

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The Cabo Pulmo National Park reef is considered a treasure of Baja California Sur.



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