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Being a destination full of contrasts, this involves cuisine too. Los Cabos has experienced a complete mix of culinary influences from all over the world. Mexico’s varied and lauded cuisine is well represented throughout Los Cabos, with restaurants expertly preparing dishes that hail from a number of the country’s states, proudly celebrating national traditions. But there’s also a strong global influence thanks to the many international visitors and expatriates in the region. The local populace itself is a dynamic mix of peoples whose ancestors came to these shores from as far as China, Germany and the Middle East, leaving a most delicious legacy.

The Cabo San Lucas Marina offers many different options and specialties, also all along the Tourist Corridor and heading up to San Jose del Cabo where you can find places to eat from the most traditional Mexican dishes and establishments to the most gourmet experiences you’ll ever live. Los Cabos is a delicious culinary landscape for those who love authentic Mexican food and also for those who want to try new specialties as a result of the cultural mix that Los Cabos has experienced since the beginning.

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