Los Cabos Italian Restaurants

Though in Mexico, a roster of Italian restaurants in Los Cabos make use of fresh local seafood and produce harvested in the region to craft the best Old World offerings. Doc’s Wine Bar and Salvatore’s highlight pasta dishes, catches of the day and traditional pizzas to please your palate. Go for a purely romantic dinner at the various restaurants that specialize in varietals from Baja California’s wine region – a local secret. Food is at the heart of the Los Cabos experience, and with head chefs hailing directly from Italy, including La Dolce owner Stefano Miotto from Treviso, Italy, you can rest assured the Old Country flavors are genuine and spirited. 

Arts & Culture

Los Cabos continues to embrace its endemic traditions and international influences to grow as a hub of music, art and culture. Los Cabos celebrates the eclectic, authentic and innovative with zeal, so it’s easy to see why so many artists are inspired to call it home.

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