Los Cabos Tacos

Baja California–style fish tacos hold legendary status around the world, as they are among the most widely recognized. Whether you lean toward hard shell crunch or soft, warm, housemade tortillas, a stroll along the shop-lined streets of Los Cabos will have you choosing from myriad street stands and taco sanctuaries with dedicated followings. From the humble street tacos you can buy at any hour and the savory shrimp tacos that anchor most menus to the imaginative combinations paired with tequila or mezcal at creative dining establishments like La Lupita and La Revolución, the sheer variety of options is sure to provide a vacation long treat for your taste buds.

Mexican Restaurants

Authentic Mexican cuisine is the lifeblood of Los Cabos. From Baja California style tacos to Oaxacan mole, the best local ingredients grown right in the local countryside are used to make most of the dishes served across the peninsula.

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