Grupo Guaycura is pleased to greet you and extend the invitation to the 5th edition of BajaMed Culinary Festival, which is held in alliance with Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, who is the creator of this culinary concept that fuses Mexican with Mediterranean flavors and an oriental touch.

The event is in our Magical Town of Todos Santos, it begins with a day of sustainable fishing and filleting on November 10 at El Faro Beach Club & Spa, closing with the main event, a pairing dinner on the 11th at the El Mirador restaurant.

This is an event of special interest because of what the alliance between Grupo Guaycura and Chef Guerrero represents: they represent the states of BC and BCS, working together to celebrate Californian gastronomy with sustainability.

The festival consists of a fishing trip with the fishermen of Punta Lobos, who are part of the commitment to take care of the seas and preserve one of our main tourist and economic activities through fishing and with a filleting master class, open to the community in general and local chefs.

At the stellar dinner on November 11, our guests will enjoy the culinary richness of the region and the best wines from Baja California, Italy, Spain and mixology in an impressive setting and surrounded by our natural beauty at the El Mirador restaurant.

Tickets: Call Hotel Guaycura +526121750800

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It is an honor for us to be part of this moment of integration that occurs between both states of the peninsula, through initiatives that promote Californian gastronomy and talent. We thank you in advance for your support in disseminating the event.

Baja Med