If your last concern when planning a trip is how to get around your vacation spot, this blog was made for you!


Los Cabos is a premier destination for beach-l overs, family - travelers and adventure-seekers, renowned the world over for its spectacular natural landscapes, enveloping sea scapes, coastline, mountains, canyons and streams, along with endless opportunities to experience a host of exhilarating tours and adventures.


Getting around this peninsula re quires a precise planning, s o that’s why we’ve created this complete guide to succeed in your mission , so you have all the information you’ll need to decide which transport option is going to work bes t for your budget.


First of all, it is important to know that Los Cabos is in fact two cities separated by about 35 km distance. To the west is Cabo San Lucas, and to the east is San Jose del Cabo.




Most of the hotels and resorts have shuttles that you can use very inexpensively or for free. Sometimes these shuttles only go between the hotel and the airport, but you can often use them to get in between your resort and downtown or to nearby restaurants. If you do use the hotel shuttles, be sure to tip your driver generously.

There are many companies that provide private airport transportation to any hotel or private residence within the Los Cabos area and surroundings. Also, shuttle services are available to major hotels between San Jose del Cabo, the Corridor and Cabo San Lucas. Shuttle starting at $16 USD or private at $84 USD one way.

More info: http://visitloscabos.travel/directory/dmc-and-meeting-venues




Having your own vehicle in Los Cabos has some benefits such as: you don’t have to pay for a ta xi or shuttle to and from the airport , you can easily drive to a grocery store or restaurant when you' re starving, and you can take short day trips to secluded beaches or nearby towns.



Consider that t he prices listed on car rental agency web sites will likely be super low, but before you get too excited, you must realize the car insurance policy you have in your home country does not cover you in Mexico. Therefore, you must purchase a policy from the rental car agency in Los Cabos.

Gas stations in Mexico are not self-service, so let the employer do the job and don' t forget the tip. They accept Visa and MasterCard, but always is faster to pay with cash.

There are numerous car rental agencies at the San Jose Airport and in town.




With a taxi, the journey becomes part of your holiday as you admire the magnificent landscapes that Los Cabos has to offer along the costal corridor that connects San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.


Using a taxi allows y ou to arrive righ t at the entrance to the mall, restaurant , terminal, hotel or any place fresh and with plenty of time… No need to look where to park at and it´s also available 24/7.




Los Cabos international airport is located in San Jose del Cabo. To take the bus from the airport is quite easy. You exit customs through a large double door followed by a room with an escalator on the far left - hand side and another large double door at the opposite side.



Before going out the second double door, go up the escalators to the departures area of the airport. Keep walking straight, past all of the check-in counters, exiting via the door on the far side after having passed all the check-in counters. Just outside this door is the bus stop. When taking the bus from the airport, a man w ill sell you a ticket. The fee is a round $4 USD and it will take you anywhere in the bus route, whether you are going to San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas including many beaches and hotels.



The bus in Los Cabos is safe, cheap and convenient. Most of the drivers speaks the basic English, and they are familiar with the name of the hotels and stops, so just speak clearly when you say y our destination.



Before you go…

There are lots of different taxis , shuttles , and other forms of transportation in Los Cabos. T he best option for you may depend on your budget, time and how many people you’re traveling with.