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For those seeking true adventure under the waves, a young eco-tourism outfit based in Cabo San Lucas redefines what it means to experience the marine wilderness of Baja California Sur. Apex Ocean Divers, founded by Alexander Schmidt Márquez, takes intrepid travelers into the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes on "ocean safaris" for up-close encounters with the region's abundant marine life.

Alexander, known as Alex Sharks, a former hotel manager who left the hospitality industry to pursue his passion for the ocean, has created a new model for responsible wildlife tourism focused on building connections rather than chasing checklists. "Our mission is to get people to fall in love with the ocean, so they can protect it. Connect and Protect," he says of the company's ethos.

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On Apex's signature open ocean safaris, small groups board shallow-draft boats to seek out whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, rays, and other marine life in their natural habitat. Armed with masks, snorkels, and underwater cameras, clients enter the water for breathtaking face-to-face interactions guided by Alexandre and his team of experienced free divers and marine biologists.

The riches of the Sea of Cortes that inspired Jacques Cousteau are on full display here, where nutrient-rich upwellings fuel a spectacular diversity of marine life concentrated along an "underwater highway" of canyons and channels. Participants never know what they might encounter on an expedition, from hunting packs of striped marlin to vast schools of mobula rays in a frenzy of courtship. It's this unpredictability and respect for the animals' sovereignty that defines the Apex experience.

"We look to show people incredible animals face-to-face, encounters that they won't ever forget and change their life forever," says Alex. By surrendering expectations and simply bearing witness to the ocean's wildness, he believes travelers forge profound connections that inspire conservation.

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In addition to ocean safaris, Apex offers whale-watching tours at sunset, opportunities to assist in sea turtle releases, cage-free shark snorkeling, and diving expeditions to the nearby marine reserve, Cabo Pulmo. The company also pioneers quests to far-flung waters from the Maldives to the Galapagos to swim with the ocean's largest species like whale sharks and manta rays.

Whether exploring the azure waters off Los Cabos or joining an adventure abroad, those who venture into the untamed ocean with Apex Ocean Divers are sure to be transformed by the spellbinding power of the marine environment when experienced in such an intimate, respectful manner. This innovative approach is making the world's oceans more accessible than ever before – while also giving travelers a profound reason to protect their wondrous ecosystems for future generations.

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