Surrounded by water and graced with fertile land, the Baja Peninsula has emerged as a superstar in the culinary world. As you plan your adventures in Los Cabos restaurants, learn some of the modern trends that make this dining destination so unique.


In Los Cabos, you may hear the phrase “choyera cuisine,” which brings together modern and traditional cuisine inspired by ingredients from the region. Baja Med is another style that has risen to international fame, fusing Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian influences. Pioneered by Baja chefs such as Miguel Ángel Guerrero and Javier Plascencia, this cuisine has made its presence known in Baja Sur. Enjoy a multicourse Baja Med experience at chef Plascencia’s Jazamango in Todos Santos that celebrates local ingredients — like Baja oysters topped with ponzu and a zucchini “carpaccio” with plantain vinegar and Italian Parmesan.

Ocean-to-table cuisine appears at chef Plascencia’s Animalón by the sea, a one-of-a-kind floating restaurant where every ingredient comes from the Baja Peninsula and the nearby waters. Enjoy ingredients from an organic farm arrives on your plate at Tamarindos restaurant tucked within a 19th-century farmhouse just outside of San José del Cabo. In the heart of the Arts District, Jardin Secreto lives up to its name as secret garden restaurant where Mexican and Mediterranean flavors merge together.

Taste your way through delectable flavors every week during San José del Cabo’s Tasty Tuesdays event. Wander along the cobblestone roads of the 23400 District to uncover choyera recipes and innovative cuisine at prix fixe prices.

Also having its renaissance in Los Cabos are authentic food trucks, each one serving up dishes inspired by global flavors. Grab a fresh Baja-style fish taco or take a culinary journey with Oaxacan tamales and discover spices and produce of Mexico infused into Indian dishes.

However you choose to dine your way through the eateries and restaurants in Los Cabos, every meal promises to be an experience to remember. Plan your trip to Los Cabos around the gems of 23400 District, innovative restaurants, authentic taco shops, tequila bars and so much more.