Make plans to rejuvenate yourself in 2022.


With the flip of a calendar page, the new year begins and we all get a chance to reset and focus on ourselves. Los Cabos is the perfect place to do so. Here are three ways you can focus on your mental and physical health to feel refreshed in the new year.

In the Spa

The spa is, of course, a natural place to start. The world-class spas in and around Los Cabos have unique and personalized treatments that can focus on any specific ailment you may have – even if you’re simply looking for some much-needed relaxation. After the spa, treat yourself to a fresh farm-to-table meal to make it a holistic experience.

On the Beach

Is anything more relaxing than watching the ocean waves roll in? Los Cabos has plenty of secluded, swimmable beaches where you can practice yoga, read a book or simply dig your toes in the sand and feel at one with your surroundings. For a slightly more rigorous experience, take a paddleboard out on the water and let the rolling waves help you clear your mind.

Away from It All

Sometimes, all it takes is to step away and let yourself breathe in some fresh air. Find a hiking trail that suits you, like the short but sweet Cascada Sol de Mayo trail pictured above, and let the beautiful natural setting of the Baja California Sur help refresh your spirit. If you’d prefer to stay closer to the hotel or resort, you can try your hand at golf. The 18 stunning courses around Los Cabos will give you a nice, easygoing workout and plenty of nature to soak in.

There are so many ways to feel rejuvenated and start your new year right in Los Cabos. Make your way here and find your way to unwind.