The past year has been a reminder of how important it is to make our health a priority. In Los Cabos, we’ve shown how deliciously satisfying it can be take care of our bodies. The farm-to-table restaurant scene here is second to none, making it easy to keep on track with your personal health goals with fresh flavors.


What Makes Our Farm-to-Table Unique
Los Cabos is uniquely positioned at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California. The region is rural, lending itself to large acres of picturesque farms and ranches. At the same time, Los Cabos’ direct access to the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean brings in the freshest seafood. All these local flavors are amplified by the incredible culinary culture of Mexico.

Which Restaurants to Seek Out
Despite so many farm-to-table restaurants in Los Cabos, several stand out as perennial favorites. Los Tamarindos specializes in rustic old-world cuisine and offers cooking classes plus an award-winning mezcal. Flora Farms grows over 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Come for the farm tour but stay for the Sunday brunch. At Acre, every day they serve up a daily dish with a vegetable as the start of the show.

Inspiring Body and Soul
The farm-to-table scene in Los Cabos provides more than nourishment for the body – it invigorates the soul. Each dish gets the most out of every ingredient and inspires us to live fully. When dining overlooking the endless horizon of the Pacific, you’ll have the unmistakable sensation of knowing you’re on the right path.

Your health is everything. Find the most delicious way to take care of it in Los Cabos.