A Success Story in the Business Events Industry

At this moment, when we can see a light at the end of the tunnel of the sanitary, economic, and touristic crisis that we have experienced in the last year, it is very stimulating to see how Los Cabos has understood the circumstances and, making use of the resilience and experience that as a society they have accumulated, has proven to be:

A destination that made collaboration between all members of the value chain its main strategy to face the COVID crisis.

A destination that implemented and harmonized hygienic safety protocols in such a way that it achieved various national and international certifications to (with them) build trust with decision-makers in our industry.

A destination that, always, privileged the physical, mental, and economic health of workers and event participants, and that therefore was always accompanied in its strategies by doctors, scientists, and medical authorities.

A destination that experimented by partnering with industry platforms, to demonstrate that it was possible to meet, under strict hygiene conditions.

A destination that formally organized its receptive community too, looking to the future of events, equips itself with digital capabilities both to host hybrid meetings and to take advantage of the profitable digital nomad market.

A destination that reacted quickly to external conditions and installed rapid test stations so that visitors could be calm and meet the requirements to return to their country.

A destination that engaged in a collective commitment to sustainability, equity, and social impact for effective recovery.

A destination that exercised the soft skills of the members of its society to be empathetic, flexible and that offers creative solutions to clients in times of uncertainty.

Finally, a destination that recognized how to communicate that the highest standard of care was the best way to reactivate its economy.

With all the above, the reactivation of its industry is in sight, and, in fact, to date it has already been able to host international events in several of its prestigious hotels.

As Mexicans, we should be proud that destinations like Los Cabos are setting the standard internationally. Congratulations, amigos.