One&Only Palmilla stands at the forefront of the hospitality industry, not only as a favorite vacation destination of Hollywood stars but also as a true pioneer in sustainability.

In an effort to protect the breathtaking natural beauty of Los Cabos that surrounds this luxury resort, the property has taken extraordinary strides toward forging a greener future. One&Only Palmilla has implemented remarkable sustainability initiatives in their commitment to reducing plastic waste, conserving water resources, and safeguarding the environment, setting a new benchmark for the entire industry.

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One&Only Palmilla Water Plant

At the heart of the resort's sustainable efforts lies the remarkable One&Only Palmilla Water Plant. This state-of-the-art EcoPure Water Purification System is an engineering marvel that enables the on-site production and bottling of premium quality filtered water, effectively eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles. By adopting this innovative technology and utilizing filtered water bottles in all restaurants and guest rooms, the resort drastically reduces plastic waste and provides guests with clean, eco-friendly water.

Boxed Water

Another step forward in the One&Only Palmilla’s pursuit of eliminating single-use plastic bottles on the property has included the resort’s embrace of an eco-conscious alternative - boxed water. This switch not only contributes to a substantial reduction in plastic waste but also promotes the use of recycled box bottles. By offering boxed water to its visitors and guests, the resort actively encourages sustainable choices and fosters an environmentally conscious mindset among all who visit its premises.

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Turtle Protection 

One&Only Palmilla's commitment to conservation extends beyond the boundaries of its property. Working closely with the Ecology and Environment Department in the municipality of Los Cabos and the Red Committee for the Protection of the Sea Turtle, the resort is actively engaged in preserving and safeguarding the delicate species that nest in the Baja California Sur area. Through dedicated daily patrols, the resort protects these nests from natural predators, exploitation, and the illicit poaching of eggs. Furthermore, guests visiting between August and December have the unique opportunity to participate in this initiative, contributing to the preservation of these magnificent creatures and making unforgettable memories in the process.

Drink in The Arts

In an extraordinary union of art and sustainability, One&Only Palmilla has joined forces with the celebrated Mexican artist, Ivan Guaderrama, to create visually stunning and functionally reusable water bottles. These exquisite bottles not only serve as an effective tool in reducing plastic waste but also feature a mesmerizing design that magically comes to life when viewed through a smartphone app. By seamlessly merging art and sustainability, One&Only Palmilla empowers its guests to actively participate in ocean conservation efforts, fostering a profound appreciation for the planet while leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

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Palmilla EarthCheck Certification

For the past two years, One&Only Palmilla has earned the prestigious silver certification from EarthCheck, the preeminent scientific benchmarking, certification, and advisory group for the travel and tourism sector. The resort wholeheartedly embraces the pillars of EarthCheck, focusing on the vital aspects of reducing, reusing, and recycling. By forging a robust partnership with this renowned program, One&Only Palmilla effectively demonstrates its unwavering dedication to implementing best practices that enhance the guest experience while propelling the wider tourism industry toward a more sustainable future.

One&Only Palmilla sets a remarkable precedent for sustainable luxury hospitality. With a strong commitment to reducing plastic waste, conserving water, and protecting marine life, the resort showcases innovative initiatives and exemplifies the harmony between luxury and sustainability.

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