The dance is a splendid form of communication and it’s a physical language that expresses the beauty of the human body in movement, whether it is telling a story or presenting  a contemporary show. 

Gala de Danza is a top-tier event  founded by Christina Lyon. The performace showcases some of the best artistry from world-renowned dancers, musicians and choreographers from across 20 different countries. 

One of the most extraordinary facts about Gala de Danza is the passion of the dancers and their facial expressions synchronized with their movements and the music. The venue is something else!   

The dancers shift into live performers wearing emotions! The stage will seamlessly join together the horizon with the mirror pools of Viceroy Los Cabos. Gala de Danza will be viewable from hotel suites and the spectacular and recently renovated rooftop, and Pool area, making for a truly unique experience.

Lyon is the Artistic Director and Founder of Gala de Danza in Los Cabos. The gala is designed to bring the world’s elite artists to Mexico in an event to enrich the community. In collaboration with Youth America Grand Prix, providing performance opportunities to young dancers, the talented finalists are invited to perform with the outstanding guest artists from around the world. 

Gala de Danza was conceived during one of Christina's trips to Los Cabos, when she began to inquire about the local ballet schools. That was how she met Lourdes Tellez and her academy.  Christina recognized the talent of the students and their passion for dance, and  inspired by a young local dancer, Mariana Carrillo, she started Gala de Danza.

Gala de Danza's collaboration with Danza Téllez's "Danza que da Esperanza" in San Jose del Cabo, offers full dance scholarships to children in vulnerable situations, bringing them hope and opportunities. The support and sponsorship of the community has been extraordinary and has made it possible to continue the event as an annual tradition.

Since its first edition, Gala de Danza has been creating touching stories in this discipline. This is the case of two Mexican dancers who today perform at great stages of the world: Mariana Carrillo and Andres Zuñiga.

Mariana won the recognition and affection of the audience of Los Cabos since the age of 4 years demonstrating her undeniable talent, perseverance and discipline. Today she is a world-class dancer and a student at USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

Andres is a member of New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet. He was born in Mexico City and began his dance training at the age of 13 at Danza Tellez in Los Cabos, under the direction of Lourdes Tellez.

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