To understand the legacy of Los Cabos’ cuisine, venture to the villages where cherished traditions endure.

It’s no secret that Los Cabos has a thriving food scene. With an impressive list of award-winning restaurants, menus designed by renowned chefs and a unique laid-back luxury atmosphere, Los Cabos is a culinary destination at the top of travel lists.

Cuisine in Los Cabos is deeply rooted in tradition, and there is no better way to discover the plants, ingredients, rituals and people who continue these ancient practices today than exploring villages in the countryside.

Venture off the beaten path in the countryside and be introduced to cultural practices that continue to endure through cuisine in different villages scattered throughout the desert. Learn stories about recipes passed down through generations, discover warm and welcoming people who graciously invite you into their home and of course, taste delicious homemade food.

The Baja Way welcomes all those who find their way here. With open arms and an open heart, the people who continue to carry on ancient practices invite you to learn their stories and then inspire you to create your own story. These humbling, off-the-beaten-path experiences will bring you closer to everything and everyone around you.