If you ever have the chance to lounge at a beach long enough to drift into a soft cat nap, then you will know the entrancing power of serenity that saltwater holds. Spending quality time in nature is one of the most luxurious gifts you can create space for—something that the majority of us don’t indulge in often— and Los Cabos, a twin cities region in Baja Sur, Mexico is a travel destination that provides opportunities for connecting with Mama Earth in a major way. With a desert terrain that meets with the Sea of Cortez and is enfolded by the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is an ideal destination for travelers looking to embrace the healing balm of aquatic wonders, enjoy opulent organic cuisine and get a few affectionate kisses from the sun in the most stunning natural wonders.

I spent 5 days in the region of Los Cabos, which encompasses Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Equally invigorating as it was sobering, my time was spent truly getting to slow down and enjoy Earth’s pleasures. These are a few of my top picks and what I \would consider to be The Best Nature Activities in Los Cabos.

Sol de Mayo - Lamiah Gholar

Los Cabos is known for its sprawling beaches that line the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean, so it may come as a surprise that freshwater wonders are in abundance in the region as well.

A 1 to 1.5 hour drive into la sierras, the base of the Sierra Laguna mountains, one finds a desert oasis that is untouched by the heavy footprint of tourists. A perfect destination for those looking for a true off the beaten path experience with nature. Sol De Mayo is the main waterfall, but there are many equally scenic smaller falls and ponds just a stone's throw past the main attraction. High Tide Los Cabos is an eco tourism company offering guided nature adventures and provides its clients with a guided hike followed by an authentic Mexican lunch in Santiago.

While there are moderate and difficult trail options, there are many that are considered easy and accessible to most. As you venture through the rocky mountains you may come across other families, leashed dogs and the most aromatic wild sage bushes you’ve ever smelled.

Organic farm tour + brunch at Tamarindos

As soon as you step foot onto the grounds at Los Tamarindos, the spirit of rich agricultural history + wisdom of land stewardship fills the air around you.. What began as a sugar cane farm in the 1800s is now a culinary destination offering fresh farm to table plates, herbaceous margaritas + mezcalitas, cooking classes and so much more for foodies and families alike.

Los Tamarindos - Farm-to-table

Moving beyond gastronomy, Organic Farm Tour at Huerta los Tamarindos, equips each visitor with a sense of understanding the agricultural ecosystem in Los Cabos. The site is considered one of the region's only oases— meaning, the land is fully self-sufficient and receives water from a reserve inside of the earth on the farm. I had so much fun walking down the rows of plants and learning about their permaculture praxis and seeing the various freshly harvested produce. The hibiscus and basil margarita, popular among the weekend brunch crowd, is a breath of fresh air and such a delicate sipper. From brunch to dinner the menu is full of authentic Mexican dishes with a humble twist, envisioned by owner and chef Enrique Silva. Whether you are on a date with a partner, out with the family or on a ladies’ brunch, Huerta Los Tamarindos is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. If you’d rather skip the farm experience and solely want a culinary moment, visit Tamarindos Central in San Jose del Cabo.

Snorkeling and Paddleboarding at Santa Maria Bay

It would be remiss to visit and not spend some time getting active in the ocean. With many popular beaches + bays, I resonated with and loved the experience at Santa Maria Bay. Nestled right in between either Cabo, Santa Maria has earned a Blue Flag certification, an eco-label recognizing it as an sustainable treasure. A morning visit will provide the calmness needed for a fun paddle boarding experience. Hightide Los Cabos over guided paddleboard and kayak experiences at Santa Maria. In addition to small boat activities, snorkeling the reef at Santa Maria is a once in a lifetime experience. Take a swim a couple hundred kilometers out to swim with eels, schools of fish and starfish.

When doing my research and chatting with my paddleboard guide Marco, I gathered that Santa Maria is equally as popular as Chileno + Medano beach, but offers a more intimate setting and quieter atmosphere. This was the perfect place to catch some waves and lounge around in solitude along the soft yellow sand beach.

Paddle Boarding at Santa Maria Beach

Animalon By The Sea

Animalon is Los Cabos’ first floating restaurant experience created by acclaimed chef Javier Plascenia, this experience is all things luxurious + superior quality. Using all ingredients from Baja, the creator’s mission is to pay homage to local producers and create a culinary experience that embodies the lifestyle of Baja Sur. Departing  from the marina in the heart of Cabo San Lucas at 5pm, Animalon journeys to El Arco for a sunset dinner extravaganza.

On your journey you will be dining alongside hip couples, large friend groups and even families with children, making Animalon a truly intergenerational and all encompassing restaurant. The 7 course tasting menu is a must try, with novel items like Ribeye with eggplant + crema, truffled arancini, and homey empanadas. To take your experience up a notch consider adding wine pairings. I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my host + sommelier, that Mexico produces a wide range of wines. My personal favorite was a crisp Chardonnay from Valle de Guadalupe by Paoloni.

Animalon by the Sea

El Huerto

Simple, organic and healthy sustainable food is the mission at El Huerto, an organic farm to table restaurant located 5 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas marina.

Dotted with orchards, flower gardens and vegetable patches, El Huerto is built with an indoor-outdoor design allowing guests to take in all of the scenic view. The care that the kitchen puts into each dish is apparent in every bite. To start I ordered jicama and avocado salad is easily one of the best sales I’ve ever had! Paired with that was an artisanal cocktail of my dreams, the carrot shrub mezcal, which was a burst of earthy spice and flavor. You will surely want to enjoy at least 3-4 courses at El Huerto because the food is simply amazing. Book an evening reservation to see all the fairy lights in the trees fill the space.

El Huerto - Farm to Table