Have some fun away from the beach.

Relax in Los Cabos

When you think of a Los Cabos vacation, you might expect a luxurious resort with private beach access – and there are certainly many ways to experience that. But there are some other places you can experience to get a new view of Los Cabos. From boutique hotels to exclusive beach clubs, you can put a new spin on your getaway at one of these four places.

A Boutique Way to Stay

There are hotels throughout the area that have many of the same amenities you’ll find at the major resorts, but with more local charm. Hotel El Ganzo is one such place. There, they describe their boutique hotel as “part hangout, part hipster hacienda.” From their location at the base of the Puerto Los Cabos marina, you’ll be able to get all the rest, rejuvenation and recreation you crave, but with their own stylish spin.

Nightlife at Noon

Los Cabos is well-known for its nightlife. But sometimes you just can’t wait for the sun to set. OMNIA Day Club in San José del Cabo turns the clock forward and gives your all-day pool lounging a more festive atmosphere. With a DJ running the show, you’ll be able to enjoy high-end luxury amenities, including multiple VIP areas and villas, and celebrate the day away as you look over the Sea of Cortez.

Views for Days

There are stunning sights all around Los Cabos – but at Rooftop 360 at Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa, you can see the stunning sights all around Los Cabos. From this ninth-floor restaurant and bar, you can toast a craft cocktail to panoramic views of Medano Beach as a DJ sets the ambiance. Your experience might be so pleasant that you’ll find it hard to go back to ground floor.

If you feel like mixing up your Los Cabos stay, these are four great options for something new. No matter how many times you’ve been to Los Cabos, it will always surprise you.