• Calle Camelia, Manzana 25 Lote 2, entre Girasol y Paraíso, Col. Jacarandas., Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23473|
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Avantec is an Audiovisual rental company, founded in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our team is constituted by local professionals, so it is safe to assume that we know our territory well; its advantages, its difficulties and its people. Our team has many years of experience working in all kinds of grand occasions; from weddings, to concerts and corporate events. We’ve worked with clients from Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, as with clients from Europe and Asia. Each production in which we are involved is an exciting new challenge. Among our services you will find we design stages that are adequate for each client, creating detailed carpentry and paint work, installing audio and lighting, selecting the best entertainment, and collaborating with event and wedding coordinators. Also, we work with the best brands in the industry which make us more competitive. These productions are directed by our founder Hernesto Presteguin. The credo that he has instilled in us is: Each production we get involved with, large or small, deserves our attention to the most minute detail to create an unforgettable event. Let us help you in creating an extraordinary experience together!