Baja Expeditions


Iconic Adventures for Mindful Travelers of All Ages “Timo” Means founded Baja Expeditions almost 50 years ago and led the way in pioneering eco-adventures in Baja California and passion for conservation. Opening up whale programs by working with local ex-fishermen panga captains. Building and operating one of the first liveaboard dive and ecoadventure boats in the world. Kayaking trips in the Sea of Cortez. Scuba diving. The first trips to Socorro Island, bravely heading out into open ocean where nobody had dared before. Saving Espiritu Santo Island from commercial exploitation. Setting up low-impact eco-friendly camps. We are grateful and appreciative to Timo for all of this and so much more, and honour his memory by continuing the legacy with a fresh infusion of capital, excellence in guest experience and top-of-the-line equipment.