Bistro by Sébastien Agnès

  • Local 22-23, P.º Malecón San José, Campo de Golf Fonatur, San José del Cabo, BCS 23400|
  • Phone: (624) 152-8743 |


The most complicated thing to do when you acquire a restaurant and start a new project in it without changing the name is to rebuild the reputation it had from where it was when you arrived. That was the challenge Chef Sébastien Agnès set himself when he took over Fish & Grill, a venue in Plaza El Pescador on Paseo Malecón in San José. A unique and delightful proposal that has local and regional seafood as its main ingredient. Our menu is based on ingredients, letting them shine in every bite, without anything hiding the flavor and the authentic freshness of what we put on the table. We achieve this thanks to the mastery of French cooking techniques by our Chef, one of thirteen chefs in Mexico recognized by the Association Maîtres Cuisiniers de France as a Master Chef. In addition to this array of ingredients that can be enjoyed at our Raw Bar, we also have a wine list selected according to the best pairings for each of our menu items, as well as a premium cocktail and distilled spirits program. To complete your visit, our dessert menu features great classics of French dessert dishes such as Chocolate Mousse, Tarte Tatin, or Crème Brûlée among others.