CaboStrings proposes a lively, vibrant and energetic music. The violin and cello break with traditional stereotypes, offering to explore at the same time the purest, most elegant sound and new avant-garde instrumental possibilities. THE WEDDING Los Cabos is the ideal destination to plan your wedding, and the music of CaboStrings is the perfect soundtrack for your big day. Be moved by our ceremony, turn up the rhythm at cocktail hour, and dance with us during the party. Ask about our options and choose the one you like best. FUN We use our talent to make your event a memory to cherish for life. Each wedding is special to us, so we aim to make your big day as amazing as possible. DJ We have the best team of DJs in Los Cabos to give every party the boost it deserves. Your guest will be amazed by the different and unique style we offer, and everyone’s going to have a great time. SOCIAL MEDIA The duo formed by Elena and Roberto offers a wide experience, and is highly recognized in the region. With more than 80,000 monthly views of their different video clips on social networks, they have a wide social influence in Los Cabos. CaboStrings is undoubtedly a guarantee of success.