El Minero de El Triunfo

  • Calle Progreso esquina Ayuntamiento, sin número, El Triunfo, BCS 23210|
  • Phone: (612) 194-2093 |


Our menu features signature items such as handmade sausages, fresh regional seafood, artisanal cheeses and our traditional paella, awarded in 2015 by the National Chamber of Restaurants and Spiced Food Industry, at a relaxing patio with a perfect view of a 19th century long-standing chimney that takes us back to the golden age of El Triunfo. El Minero's exceptional location allows you to visit different attractions of El Triunfo at the same complex: the Museo Ruta de Plata with its high-quality facilities; Margery's Tea Room, a Victorian-style tea room and Toggle, El Minero's tiny cellar to enjoy national as well as international wines and cocktails.