Sotomayor Sculptor Gallery


For more than thirty-seven years Juan has been working with different materials including glass, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and plaster. However, his most important material is iron. He has always had very good taste and the ability to create with admiration and love, the colors and silhouettes of the environment that surround him. He finds his inspiration with material that most people would consider 'JUNK' including screws, gears, chains, nails, etc. With his ability and passion, he transforms this 'JUNK' into beautiful masterpieces. The shapes and colors feed his soul. Creating sculptures of such beauty and passion are his way of expressing his feelings and love inside him. His art is on display in many different galleries and important public places in Los Cabos, B.C.S., México. His work is impressive, captivating and astounding. His attention to detail while using recycled metal, welded piece by piece creates simple sculptures that show his brightness and emotion.