Right in the heart of San José del Cabo.


The 23400 District in San José del Cabo is a newly minted collection of restaurants serving up some of the finest flavors in the region. This area is in the heart of the city – full of art, culture and now, a new culinary tradition.

Tasty Tuesdays

What better way to spice up the week than Tasty Tuesdays™? Every Tuesday at restaurants around the 23400 District, you can find special fixed menus of two to three signature dishes and connect with the culinary community. These special dishes will help you experience the food traditions and flavors of Los Cabos.

Street Food

Some of the finest flavors you’ll ever taste are right here in the food trucks and open-air stalls of the 23400 District. Get yourself delectable bites on the go as you walk our streets and pop in and out of art galleries. From local specialties to familiar favorites, your street food choices are seemingly endless.

Fusion San José

Just as Los Cabos blends people from all over the world together, local and international chefs here do the same with flavor. The fusion cuisine in the 23400 District brings people together to celebrate this merging of cultures. Our chefs can really get creative when different culinary influences combine.

The 23400 District in San José del Cabo is here for you to experience the mastery of our chefs in San José del Cabo. Visit, immerse yourself in the spirit of Los Cabos and gather with friends to celebrate the fortune of finding yourself here.