Celebrating its second anniversary this June, Don Sanchez restaurant has become a beloved culinary destination in the historic center of San José del Cabo. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the restaurant showcases the freshest seasonal ingredients, impeccably paired with curated wines and premium agave spirits. Helmed by Chef Edgar Román, Don Sanchez was recognized as a 2023 Five Star Diamond Award winner and listed among Culinaria Mexicana's top 250 restaurants in 2024. Celebrate the anniversary by exploring the genius behind its groundbreaking menu.

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Chef Román's culinary journey began in his childhood, surrounded by a family of skilled cooks. Opportunities to travel and work under the tutelage of Swiss and French chefs shaped his unique style. His early mentors, Chefs Antoine Wolenmilch and Bernard Brunele, imparted classic and modern techniques that continue to influence his work. Chef Román found inspiration in Mexico's natural beauty and resources, particularly during his time teaching cooking techniques to a foundation for abandoned children in a secluded Oaxacan beach, relying on fresh, local ingredients from the sea and jungle. His work, inspired by the flavors of Baja California Sur, crafts sensory dining experiences.

Two decades ago, Chef Román moved to Los Cabos, seeking a slower pace and more family time. He quickly became a prominent figure in the local culinary scene, revitalizing beloved restaurants and serving as the corporate chef for notable properties. Eventually, he opened his own restaurant in downtown of San José del Cabo, refining his craft.

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As head chef of Don Sanchez, Chef Román crafts inventive menus showcasing Baja California Sur's offerings: locally grown vegetables, fresh seafood, and pasture-raised meats. His slow-cooked dishes capture traditional Mexican flavors while also reflecting the techniques of his mentors. Chef Román's commitment to exceptional dining shines through his patient preparation. His dedication and collaboration with Los Cabos' renowned chefs have established Don Sanchez's reputation for culinary excellence.

In 2022, Chef Edgar Román became Mexico's first chef to receive the Academy of Hospitality Sciences’ International Five Star Diamond Award, the most prestigious global accolade bestowed upon restaurants.

Savor the magic of Chef Román's contemporary Mexican cuisine with an unforgettable dinner at Don Sanchez.