The rugged beauty of Baja California Sur can be taken in from the rooftop of a luxury resort or an oceanfront cabana. Still, thrillseekers know a truly exhilarating journey begins away from the well-trodden trails. To turn the sightseeing intensity up a notch, explore off-the-beaten-path adventures that lead to the hidden gems of our enchanting destination.Path 2

ATV Rides through the Desert Dunes

Travelers can trade sandals for the thrill of an all-terrain vehicle, exploring the desert and beach landscapes of Los Cabos in agile ATVs. Experience an adrenaline surge, guided by trusted experts through native flora, fauna, and golden dunes toward breathtaking sunsets. Wild Canyon ensures this adrenaline-fueled excursion causes no harm to the local environment, and provides 285 acres of streams, bridges, and rough terrain to navigate privately. Maneuver along mountain trails and desert canyons formed by ancient dried streams with Cactus Tours, offering rides for all ages and abilities.

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Rappelling into the Los Cabos’ Canyons

Taking thrills to new heights – or depths – climbers of all skill levels can safely rappel down canyon walls, cross a commando bridge, and swing over a canyon before returning to base camp at Cabo Adventures. Home to Mexico’s longest and fastest canopy line, the “Superman,” visitors can put excitement to the extreme reaching speeds up to 60 mph on the 4,000-foot line that gives guests a bird’s eye view of the UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve. Rancho Ecológico El Refugio (The Refuge Ecological Ranch) preserves customs and traditions and offers guided tours of the nature and history of Sierra de La Laguna. Rappel steer rocks, visitors have an unobstructed view of the reserve’s rural landscape and crystal clear pools. Baja Sierra Adventures offers full-day and multiday climbing expeditions. During base camp trips in Dionisio Canyon, participants enjoy biking, kayaking, cliff jumping, and swimming in natural pools. Evenings are spent stargazing around a campfire, with overnight stays in tents nestled under mango and avocado trees.

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Hiking Trails to Hidden Paradises

Travelers can trade the familiar for the undiscovered as they are guided through popular hiking trails winding through Los Cabos' untamed wilderness. From panoramic vistas to secluded coves, each step unveils our peninsula's unique flora, fauna, and landscapes. Expert guides from Dharma Expeditions combine adventure travel with conservation work by committing to and educating visitors about cultural and environmental sustainability in Baja California Sur. For a change of pace, Pico Pala Tours leads trail runs, mountain bike rides, and city tours in the historic El Triunfo, while Oscar Ortiz, a private guide, photographer, and diver, provides intimate underwater explorations of marine life. History enthusiasts can delve into the region's rich cultural heritage with Cabo City Tours founder Kristin Sandoval on a walking tour of San José del Cabo, blending education with entertainment through collaborations with local historians.

Pack a sense of adventure, leave the familiar behind, and join Los Cabos’ expert guides on more outdoor adventures.