No matter if you prefer to spend your vacation sightseeing on land or by sea, Los Cabos has the perfect adventure for every family. From adrenaline-boosting excursions to peaceful relaxation in our tropical oasis, read on to learn about everything Los Cabos has to offer for your next summer vacation.

Adventures on Land


Witness the beauty of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range firsthand and make your way through the trails to Fox Canyon waterfall. You can choose to go on a tour with a specialized tour guide or follow the trail on your own. Take advantage of excursions and tours offered like the Dharma excursion that brings accessibility into the outdoors and our kid-friendly Cactus tours. Desert hiking is best in winter when temperatures are in the 70s, especially when hiking with children. Hiking along is dangerous and it is advised that visitors book guided trips with experienced hiking companies. 


Camp in the Baja desert to disconnect from civilization and take in the natural beauty of our peninsula. If glamping is more your style, enjoy camping in style at Rancho Cacachilas, Todos Santos or East Cape. Los Cabos has outdoor overnight packages tailored to meet the comfort level of all types of travelers so visitors can enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

Shopping & Dining

Want to stay closer to town? Visit Plaza Novva in Cabo San Lucas, or Plaza Artesanos and El Merkado in San Jose del Cabo, to pick up some souvenirs and gifts. Enjoy the unique flavors of our peninsula at kid-friendly restaurants like Jazamango, and visit our many art galleries and museums in town. 

Ocean Adventures

Water Activities

Leave the heat on the shoreline and spend a refreshing day on the water. Visitors can spot dolphins, whales and seabirds in the waves or enjoy a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and paddleboarding. 


Visit our swimmable beaches like Las Viudas Beach and La Ribera or El Corsario Beach in Cabo San Lucas and bring a picnic to spend the day as family in the sunshine. For a different view of our coastline, set sail on a sunset cruise through the Sea of Cortez or charter a fishing boat to try your luck at Los Cabos’ favorite pastime, sportfishing.  

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to follow all safety measures and wear all required equipment when doing any of the more adventurous activities. Follow all rules and regulations given to ensure proper care of our environment and beaches as well as ensure safety of marine and wildlife.